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Dental Lexicon

  • Recurrent Caries

    Recurrent Caries Progression of Caries tooth decay that has not been adequately treated or excavated. Synonym: caries recurrence, residual tooth decay.
  • Secondary caries

    Secondary caries: New carious lesion at the edge of an existing restoration. Synonym: recurrent tooth decay, recurrent tooth decay.
  • Arrested caries

    Arrested caries The brown color can also be seen in the early form of the carious lesion, which has changed into Arrested caries.
  • Papillary Bleeding Index -PBI

    Papillary Bleeding Index PBI Saxer & Mühlemann bleeding intensity. The Evaluation is PBI in 1.+3. Quadrants orally, in 2.+4. Quadrants vestibular.
  • Plaque Index by Silness and Löe

    Plaque index without staining by Silness and Löe plaque in the cervical area, sulcus, gingivarand. Degree 0 = no plaque recognizable by inspection.
  • Gingiva index by Silness and Löe

    Gingiva index (Silness & Löe, difficult) Inflammation indices Grade 0: normal unchanged gingiva grade 1: mild signs of inflammation (redness, edema).
  • Tooth mobility according to Miller

    Tooth mobility or loosening gear assessment Grade 0: physiological, not elevated Grade I: 1mm horizontal Degree III: Mobility by lips.
  • Furcation probe to Hamp with the help of Narber probe

    Furcation probe according to Hamp with the help of Narbersonde Grade 1 F1 F2 F3 Degree 1: 3mm, but not continuous Grade 3: continuous, >6-8mm.
  • FOTI Cold Light Probe

    FOTI is the abbreviation of fiber optic transillumination." Loss of intensity due to light scattering.Cold light probe indication.
  • Caries detector

    the dye usually contains 1% propylene glycol and can penetrate the pores caused by tooth decay.
  • QLF -Quantitative light-induced fluorescence

    QLF Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence is a technique that uses light to detect the demineralization of tooth enamel and tooth decay.
  • Diagnodet *Laser Fluorescence Measurement*

    Diagnodent laser fluorescence measurement. measure the intensity of fluorescence (porphyrins). Diagnodent mechanism and indication.