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QLF -Quantitative light-induced fluorescence

QLF -Quantitative light-induced fluorescence

QLF -Quantitative light-induced fluorescence 


QLF is a technique that uses visible light to detect the demineralization of enamel and tooth decay (de Josselin de Jong et al. 1995) ¹. The light has a frequency range between 370 and 500 nm. The light intensity of the autofluorescence of the tooth (Al Maaitah et al. 2011)².


Areas with tooth decay have the already mentioned already mentioned increased proportion of pores. Here, either less fluorescent light intensity is generated or the light is reflected away from the sensor. Carious areas appear dark on the screen.  QLF has its strength in the field of diagnosis of initial Enamel caries, smooth occlusal surfaces and tooth decay monitoring³. Quantitative: the higher the numerical value, the more tooth decay. Approximale diagnostics due to quantification difficult, generally difficult repositioning.


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