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SBI Sulcus-Bleeding-Index

SBI Sulcus-Bleeding-Index

Sulcus Bleeding Index by Muhlmann & Son¹

The sulcus-bleeding index is added to the gingiva indices and is used to assess the degree of development of gingiva. In combination with the collection of a plaque  index  (See Modified-approximal-plaque index ). it can be checked whether the patient is permanently performing good oral hygiene or only cleans his teeth before visiting the dentist.

Inflammation grade

  1. Grade 0 normal-looking gingiva, no bleeding after probing
  2. Grade 1 normal-looking gingiva, bleeding after probing
  3. Grade 2 a little gingiva inflammation, bleeding after probing
  4. Grade 3, such as Grade 2, additionally slight gingiva swelling
  5. Grade 4, such as Grade 3, additionally severe gingiva swelling
  6. Grade 5 such as grade4, additional spontaneous bleeding and possibly ulceration of gingiva


MUHLEMANN, H. R. & SON, S. Gingival bleeding-a leading symptom in initial gingivits. Helvetica odontologica acta, 15: 107- 113 (1971).

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