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QHI = Quigley Hein Index

QHI = Quigley Hein Index


QHI = Quigley Hein Index Smooth surface index, which divides the plaque on the smooth surfaces, which are colored with revalators, into 6 degrees.


Grade 0 =no plaque

Grade 1 =isolated plaque islands

Grade 2 =clearly contiguous plaque line at gingival and up to 1 mm

Grade 3 =Plaque expansion in the cervical third of the tooth

Grade 4 =Plaque expansion to the second third of the tooth

Grade 5 =Plaque expansion coronal to the cutting edge


The QHI is determined on the following teeth up to the age of 12 facial and oral: 16, 21, 24, 44, 41, 36. 

Index calculation                          


                              the severity levels

QHI = --------------------------------------------------------------------

                     Number of teeth used for evaluation


The QHI value should be less than 1.  (See also other oral hygiene indices).


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  2. Turesky S, Gilmore ND, Glickman I: Reduced plaque formation by the chloromethyl analogue of victamine C. J Periodontol 41:41–43, 1970.

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