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Dahl Concept

Dahl Concept


Defects in tooth structure such as erosion can result in the loss of vertical dimensions. If the patient is unable to afford complex bite elevation restorations (e.g. crowns), palatal plateaus such as composite abutments¹ and palatal borders of the maxillary anterior teeth² can be used. To create an Interocclusal space. This causes nonocclusion in the posterior region, prevents the posterior teeth from elongating. The interocclusal space is given by a combination of intrusion of the anterior teeth (40%) of the anterior teeth and extrusion of the posterior teeth (60% )².

The Vertical Dimension increases  after 3-6 months.


  • Plateaus also allow you to find the Central condylar position, such as stuck jig.
  • has very good effects and is well tolerated by the patients
  • minimally invasive, since no crowning etc. but elongation of your own teeth → cheap


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